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Pricing for branded clothing

Embroidery Prices

There are 3 main costs when you order your personalised clothing with an embroidered or heat press applied logo

  • Item of clothing cost
  • Setup charges
  • Application charges

We supply a wide range of clothing that can have heat presses, or an embroided logo applied. We can supply you with a whole range of professionally logo branded work wear including, shirts, trousers, polo’s, T- shirts, and fleeces. We also supply safety wear including hard hats, Hi-Vis vest and jackets.

To view our range and associated prices, please browse our online catalogue.

Type of logo
One Time Cost
Vinyl heat press text only:
Embroidery text only:
Vinyl heat press Logo:
Embroidered Logo:

Each embroidered or heat press application incurs a charge. These charges are the same for all the garments you can customise. Remember, once you have paid a setup charge for a logo, you will automatically not be charged this fee again on subsequent orders.

Price per application - EMBROIDERED LOGO
Price per application - VINYL LOGO
1 - 3
4 - 9
10 - 35
36 - 99

Embroidery price’s applies to logo designs with below 25,000 stitches which will apply to over 95% of embroidery applications.